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We find our shit on eBay, cause we niggas like that. Actually we just browse the internet and be bitches, stealing all those pictures - ACTUALLY WE USED TO FIND PICTURES, but a social life just hit me in the face. And now I reblog more, but you know.
You don't know cause you're on tumblr :B
ahahahahahahahahahahhahahah I'm mean
Josh was

Gordon was here
cousins 10ever
fucking grammar bitch

Melanie was here because she's so great hgnnggnhhh



This chapters golden. 

This is beautiful.

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As a recent graduate, I can confirm this.

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"Masturbation is something that we all do and it hurts no one so it is not wrong. It is natural and beautiful."

I’m going to fucking stab someone. There’s nothing beautiful about being a selfish slut and no, not everyone does it. Fuck you and your sex normative bullshit.


thanks to this beautiful person

i have learned you can be a slut

by performing a sexual act that involves literally no one but yourself

i am the biggest slut

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